The Box (2014)


Mixed media, 4min 48sec, 2014 


A girl eases her sorrow with trimming sour citrons to make citron honey, reflecting her way of console herself into it.



- Being aired on CMBDaejeon, Korea Broadcasting Channel, 2015

-24th Dicu Festival at Daejeon Home for artists, 2015

-2015 Indi-picnic Seoul Independent Film Screening & Daejeon Independent Film&Video Screening, 2015 

-23th Dicu Festival at National Science Museum, 2015

-Being aired on Anigallary, SBS, Korea Broadcasting Channel, 2015

-Daejeon Independent Film&Video Festival at Daejeon CGV, 2014

All Artworks © 2019 by HyeonJeong Cho or their respective copyright holder. 

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